06 November 2003

We got the kittens last night ... and they are nuts.

the one can bite so hard with his little teeth and with such speed that he makes a wasp look like a nerf animal...

We decided to change their names ... don't worry they are still named after you, we are calling them Stitch (for the boy, cause his polydactyl feet look like Stitch's hands from Lilo and stitch) and we are calling the the girl with no tail Perry, after Megan's mom (and you of course).

Yes i guess we could call the girl Lilo, but that is a bit corny.

They are very high energy ... the must eat alot of those miniature energy bars and tiny cans of redbull. (i don't know where they hide it though)

pictures soon ... and zoo pictures too ... I am just pretty lazy about pictures.


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