16 December 2003

facts and observations

-Dutch Boy, Professional Oil Based exterior paint, purple in color smells like grapes ... further testing needed to verify whether all DB, POBEP smells like grapes ... or if it is just the purple.

-I saw a lady shoving a christmas tree into her Jeep Cherokee tiny end first ... you can imagine why she was having problems.

-Me and Megan and Chip and Toni (yes Toni) are going to see LOTR:ROTC on Thursday ... Chip has your mags ... but we are unsure whether we can go shooting on this visit. ( i know you will be very upset if i don't fire that gun, either in defense or at targets before you get back )

-Mr. Mike Reed says that there will be a Grue in January ... i tentatively told him that you would be unable to attend ... let me know if your plans change.

-I fought off a band of roving FEMA agents with a broomstick and match stick and some duct tape ... JUST TRY IT FEMA ... TAKE ME TO A PRISON CAMP THAT IS CONVIENIENTLY LOCATED IN ONE OF 15 LOCATIONS IN EVERY STATE.

-Mario Lemieux is still whining about his hip.


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