08 January 2004

SOUTH AFRICA (Afrikaans)

Ek seen n skilpad on die pad
Ek tel hom op, hy maak my nut
Ek sit hom duur, hy doon dit weer
Die Dona!

English Translation:

I see a turtle on the path
I pick him up, he pees on me
I put him down, he does it again
damn it!



Ia sedgu na vishenke
Ne mogu nakushatsia
Diddia Lenin govorit
Nado mamu stushatsia

English Translation

I am sitting on a cherry tree
And can't eat enough cherries
Uncle Lenin says
I have to listen to my mother.



yimone jibe gattaga
amtak sutak jabasuh
gilume doong doong dounungut
na han sougal anuji
orrijibe wabara
soo soo padtuk anjuji

English Translation

When I went to my aunt's house
they slaughtered a rooster and a hen
and cooked them in an oily broth
but they didn't give me even one spoonful
Well, when you come to my home
I wont give you any rice cake!

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