19 October 2005

The Overstock.com chick seems to be a German spy:
"The lovely Sabine Ehrenfeld (pronounced 'Sa-BEAN-uh') was driving back from a snowboarding trip with her children, on her way to casting calls the following day. Still, she found time to chat in a delightful and disarming manner. I learned the following:

In addition to German and English, Sabine speaks French and Italian. She is proficient in basic tactical pistol skills, because she thought it would be a fun thing to learn. She also has a private pilot's license and 350 hours in the air. After reading the Richard Bach book Biplane, she was inspired to fly solo—in an old-style, aerobatic tailwheel plane—from California to Montana. With camping gear in the back so she could land along the route to sleep and refuel. I am not making this up."

The commercial is so annoying and mesmerizing at the same time, it is obviously stems from the German subliminal technology...



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