16 November 2006

500 lumens - 8 watts



Anonymous Frozen guy said...

This is interesting.

It is common for bike lights to be listed as watts, which made sense when you only had one technology. Now you have LED, HID, and standard halogen/xenon lamps which all have different light outputs per watt used.

From my play and experimenting with LED's, the solid color ones are generally much much brighter. You loose your field of depth because of the lack of color resolution. But some of these cyan emitters are really bright and put out enough energy to trigger your blue and green cones in your eye, and stimulate your fovea where you have a concentration of cones and get your best vision from.

The ones that really have impressive output are the red emitters. I made a driver set up for donna in a minimag that is rated for about 150 lumens, but fully powered it could run 190+. Lots of light, but red isn't that useful.

This made me want to make a semi custom light with one red-orange, two cyan, and maybe two standard white LED's to see how the colors effect what I see.

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