20 November 2003

tidbits from the underland

Sasha, the russian dude just stopped by again. He said something like "do you know, K-Howie?" I said "yes" then he just stared at me, it was an uncomfortable stare, lasting nearly a whole minute. Then he says, "Do you know K-howie is?" I said "Is what?" Another minute passes. Howie walks up, problem solved.

I have an interesting quote from a manual I will have to grap for tomorrow. It is pretty amusing. It must not have translated from Italy speak very well. It honestly made no sence. I read it, then read it again to make sure, followed by laughter. The sad thing is that it was step one of like seventeen. When step one is messed up, you know the rest are going to be messed up as well. Here it is:

"Place the autosampler an airtightly closed container into a container containing a second container" Then mouth "what the hell?" That is pretty much how it happened. For the life of me I don't know what the purpose of the second container is, or how putting the autosampler into an airtight(ly) container is supposed to help it work.

I decided that ignoring it and go on would be the best option.


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