20 December 2003

3 things

1. When we look back on this decade or era or whatever ... i think that we will call it the "hip-hop decade" ... we're not even in the future and I already find it annoying

2. I was sitting at my desk the other day and slowly became completely aware that I was wearing a hat. Yeah, I knew i put the hat on in the morning, but sitting there in my cubby-hole office my nerves slowly fizzled the message to my brain that "yes, m-dog, (thats what my nerves call me), you are wearing a hat."

3. We went to CJ maggies, Ledbetters (sucks ass) and Club Chemistry last night. We meaning me and megan and Chip and toni. Club Chemistry wasn't all that bad except for the name. Chip forgot your mags, but he said he slept with his gun the other night because he watched bad boys 2.


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