30 December 2004

When shooting cats is outlawed, only outlaws will shoot cats.

29 December 2004

surfing the 'nami ... nice quote ... "The frightening thing was that before each wave, the lagoon emptied itself out and you could see the coral. So we knew another one was coming"

28 December 2004

Kid's hate old-school games

27 December 2004

High Powered Modified Green Laser Pointers and Modules.. frickin' sweet

22 December 2004

FAMILY GUY New Episodes!

16 December 2004

Snapshot of an electron orbital Do they use tiny people to use the tiny camera?

14 December 2004

HIV strike team

Wurstkoffer (MEAT CASE)

Lego Beretta

13 December 2004

I want the one with feet

Islands for Sale, Real Estate, Private Islands

10 December 2004

blissfully unaware: Undercover Camel EXPOSED!

09 December 2004

Famous Atheist Now Believes in God hmmm

sweet fish fun

06 December 2004