30 December 2003

this guy is the embodiment of cranky

24 December 2003

Military Training Manuals for your PDF absorption

more antarctica related stuff ... do you know sandwichgirl ??

are any of these people you ? ... i think the second tallest guy in the back row with a santa hat looks like you ...

santarchy huh?

Paint stripper and skin do not mix

evidence: the quarter inch circle of burned flesh on my forearm and the spots on my fingers that burned through the latex gloves

outcome: no major pain, and melting latex gloves are cool ... i like to think of them as spider web hands.

23 December 2003

Pittsburgh Penguins Update ...

habs beat the pens 4-1

this is starting to be a vicious cycle ...

20 December 2003

3 things

1. When we look back on this decade or era or whatever ... i think that we will call it the "hip-hop decade" ... we're not even in the future and I already find it annoying

2. I was sitting at my desk the other day and slowly became completely aware that I was wearing a hat. Yeah, I knew i put the hat on in the morning, but sitting there in my cubby-hole office my nerves slowly fizzled the message to my brain that "yes, m-dog, (thats what my nerves call me), you are wearing a hat."

3. We went to CJ maggies, Ledbetters (sucks ass) and Club Chemistry last night. We meaning me and megan and Chip and toni. Club Chemistry wasn't all that bad except for the name. Chip forgot your mags, but he said he slept with his gun the other night because he watched bad boys 2.

19 December 2003

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

pens lost in OT to the 'Canes 2-1

I was unable to watch the game because I was at LOTR:ROTC !

if u were upset about missing the Matrix 3 ... you should be near suicidal for missing this one.

17 December 2003

funny site ...

16 December 2003

Pittsburgh FRICKEN Penguins Update

In a Beeautiful showing the pens annihilate the Buffaloo Sabres 2-1

facts and observations

-Dutch Boy, Professional Oil Based exterior paint, purple in color smells like grapes ... further testing needed to verify whether all DB, POBEP smells like grapes ... or if it is just the purple.

-I saw a lady shoving a christmas tree into her Jeep Cherokee tiny end first ... you can imagine why she was having problems.

-Me and Megan and Chip and Toni (yes Toni) are going to see LOTR:ROTC on Thursday ... Chip has your mags ... but we are unsure whether we can go shooting on this visit. ( i know you will be very upset if i don't fire that gun, either in defense or at targets before you get back )

-Mr. Mike Reed says that there will be a Grue in January ... i tentatively told him that you would be unable to attend ... let me know if your plans change.

-I fought off a band of roving FEMA agents with a broomstick and match stick and some duct tape ... JUST TRY IT FEMA ... TAKE ME TO A PRISON CAMP THAT IS CONVIENIENTLY LOCATED IN ONE OF 15 LOCATIONS IN EVERY STATE.

-Mario Lemieux is still whining about his hip.

14 December 2003

United States Update

Troops from 4th Infantry Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team caught Saddam Hussein.

he looks like the unabomber.

13 December 2003

Pittsburgh "frickin" Penguins update

The pens have won 5-3

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

Pens lose to the hurricanes 6-3

It was a well-played game though ... the sixth goal was an empty net ... they played well and came back from an 0-3 deficit ... but they fell apart in the third period.

Fleury is playing for the junior something or another for Canada til January ... Caron isn't playing very hot right now ... and Aubin is ... well ... Aubin


the pens are playing the Blue Jackets and are up 4-3 at the end of the 2nd... they have the momentum to win

10 December 2003


...with today's internetcronyms

LAWL - laughing aloud with laughter


LAWG - laughing aloud with gusto

[take that ROFL]

Pittsburgh Penguins "Get that dog of my lawn" Update

we are going in to OT tied 3-3 with the Canucks ...

They have played very well ... HEDBERG is no match for our FLEURY. His stick is so fast it boggles my mind ...

also we got a late PP when KEANE from the Canucks took a flying dragon leap into Tarnstrom .. who took the whole thing standing and never fell down

Hopefully tomorrow you will see a winning update... but for now o-rev-wa (thats french for goodbye)

pittsburgh penguins "within the already scheduled update" update

24 secs into overtime ... we have lost 4-3 canucks

we should have won

now back to your regularly scheduled update


09 December 2003

the end of the world, in flash

get in the holiday spirit here

burger king

via nick, via somwhere else

What would captain planet have to say about the H2 ?

somewhat related link here

08 December 2003

this is hi-larious ...

the first picture will make u ALOL


Is "lol" just not doing it for you anymore?

Are you beginning to thing that people aren't really "laughing out loud?"

Have I got the internet acronym for you ...

ALOL - actally laughing out loud ...

uses: to be typed when you are actually laughing out loud

more useful internet acronyms to come

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

pens lost to the flames 6-1

how can a hockey team be so in consistent in their playing ... IT BAFFLES THE MIND

07 December 2003

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

pens lost to the Oilers 4-3 ...

They were up for the first 2 periods though ... they are showing alot of good playing and potential now

05 December 2003

cat pictures



perry again

megan and stitch

i can only tell the difference by the tail length ... and right now stitch has a dirty face.

04 December 2003


mine are ...

elf: Haekemen

hobbit: Isengrim Smallburrow

dwarf: Narin Clayanvil

orc: [rumbling] MORNAHK THE DESPOILER [explosions]

03 December 2003

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

The pens lost to the Flyers 5-2

The Josh "Sky-King" Keane quote of a quote of the day

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." --- Leonardo da Vinci

babylon 5 news for you

funny at the risk of being sacriledge or heresy or another of those sorta words ... a must read ... NOW!

In Kroger news ...

The striking employees will soon lose their jobs ... several sources (none official) have confirmed the Buckhannon Kroger earmarked for closing. For pete's sake they have been strking for almost 2 months now ... they do have a tent set up and a "fire in a barrel" at STRIKE CENTRAL

In other news ... Tom Jamieson owner/operator of the new Shop n' Save has deliberately banked on this happening and rushed to get his store open the Sunday after thanksgiving (which he did thanks to myself and Mr. Ron O'neal and our sign installing expertise). He is a pretty smart dude, Tom that is ... well Ron is too (not to step on anyones toes).

Yesterday ... the whole day ... Eric and I stood out in the cold (on top of the van) and put up letters on the lower faschia at the shop and save ...

the phrases "ALL FOR A $ DEPT." and "50% OFF GREETING CARDS" will ever be ingrained on my mind


Pittsburgh Fricken Penguins Update

The penguins managed to beat the Thrashers 4-3

It is becoming a trend ... the win or tie the games I don't get to see

Holzinger, Malone and Abid score

It is good that these guys don't need Mr. Lemieux to win.

01 December 2003

The new shop n' save is open ... megan and I stopped in the other day and there was a 20 minute cart wait and a 30 minute checkout wait

we went to wal(star)mart

The Josh "Sky-King" Keane quote of a quote of the day

" “You haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen its shadow from the sky . . . ” -written by Amelia Earhart "
--Josh Keane's IM profile

The algorithm predicts that Bush/Cheney will win the upcoming election ... but ...

Johnny R. Edwards or Alfred Sharpton could also win by choosing John D. Rockefeller, IV, as a running mate (he was president of West Virginia Wesleyan College and then governor of West Virginia for eight years before being elected to the United States Senate; vice presidential electability of 118 in 2004).

here is the link

could be fun for antarctica

funny ... i wonder if you are in their jurisdiction ...

I got an ATI Radeon 9600 for $70 at Best Buy ... this was a direct result of waking up early to get there at 0600 and the generous instant and mail-in rebates.

Woo Hoo (except that I have to wait til christmas)

big fat pittsburgh penguins update

Philadelphia on W -- 1-1 Tie

New Jersey on Th -- Loss 1-4

Carolina on Sat -- Loss 3-4

and to top off the pile of crap... team acquires Sergei Anshakov and Martin Strbak for none other than Martin Straka.

Straka has been traded to the kings