31 January 2005

The Lock Busters

#1 is the best

27 January 2005

26 January 2005

Citizens United Against Football, look for this quote, "Not only is football as deadly as guns..."

Popcorn Fork - the most unique eating utensil since the Dark Ages!...I am not so sure.

25 January 2005

Zorb, Nick you should do this on your way home...

Gun crimes up in gun-free UK?


24 January 2005

Lindland's Cordarounds - Horizontal Cord Pants, Horizontal Cords

22 January 2005

It's a shpadoinkle day!
more info here

hell yeah!
more on the 'bots here

18 January 2005

Terrorist Propaganda Machine (aka the US Media)

17 January 2005

Giant Robots and Atomic Weapons, be sure to check out the "Death Ray" test film.

cool shirts, for future reference.

13 January 2005

THE GREATEST (AND MOST PUZZLING) 5 MINUTES OF TV, I watched the whole episode and the series well before Serena Sutherland was even on the show ... and on her last show all of a sudden she is a lesbian ...? The ending sucked, she should have quit and punched the old guy in the teeth.

Build your own Apollo Guidance Computer Replica!

For Future Reference ...

AT&T Callvantage


A level-headed view on teaching the origin of man

a related wiki-article on Intelligent Design

12 January 2005

T-Mobile Hacker Watches Secret Service Watching Him

this is just strange

CSS reference, for future reference

No charges in W.Va. chicken torture, what is important here is not the "chicken torture," what is important is that PETA is completeley INSANE.
KeyQuote: "After reviewing the evidence and conferring with other prosecutors, I've made the decision the incident does not rise to the level of a criminal prosecution due to the fact that these were chickens in a slaughterhouse"

11 January 2005

oh dear

10 January 2005

Slow-Motion Collision Near Antarctic Research Station Imminent, Nick run for you life and the lives of the others

Vortex Dehydration Systems, this machine reduces EVERYTHING that you put in it to dust ...

07 January 2005

Talk about a whiney cry-baby, Democrats are losers.

The Beast from SureFire

Tiny Hippo - Big Turtle

06 January 2005

oddmusic.com musical instrument gallerythe Trimeister ... oh goodness

CameraMail... neato

04 January 2005

wallet essentials, these have been around the blogsphere for awhile, I wasn't very impressed, but i finally looked at them and they are pretty cool...

"The Little Bride", proof that religion is objectively divisive ... beliefs and faith are the way to go. I do like the dude with the eye patch though ...

Pistol Mouse, neat idea, but i don't think it would work very well

Cuervo & Ginger, get a free tshirt!!!

Tribe shoots arrows at aid flight ...sweet

signature iPods (thought it was real for a minute)