31 October 2003

This is cool ... not a bad price either ...


these cats hate you.

my favorite ...

We've taken pains to show you Pushkin's fangs.

This is to demonstrate what he wants to do to you.

That is, to rip your throat out.

He can do it... he wants to...

Jesus told him to.

Pittsburgh "fricken" Penguins Update

Pens shutout the blackhawks 1-0

Fleury picks up his first NHL shutout and Kolstov picks up his first NHL goal ...

Breakthrough in quantum computing

... Which is sort of a weird coincidence because I am reading a book by Michael Crichton called Timeline in which they are able to effectively fax people to a different place in the multiverse using quantam computers to store and transmit the person, effectively back in time. According to the book though you can't go back in time ... they are actually shooting them through a wormhole in quantum foam to the universe that was existing in 1351 ...

if you can get a hold of it, it is a great read ... also soon to be a movie.

30 October 2003

Blog written by a soldier in Iraq ... something seems familiar ...

new updates at the Walmart Kid's website ... at the bottom

Joe Schmo Update

When the Matt guy found out they had been lying to him the whole time he was pretty freaked out ... but then he was happy cause they gave him $100,000 and a truckload of prizes and trips.

yeah ... not very exciting ... but TV doesn't project well through text on the interweb.

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

Well ... the pens woulda had one ... but the Isles ended up tying it 4-4

it was a good game, Lemieux got his 1700th career point.

Straka, Tarnstrom, Malone and Eastwood scored for the pens

I suggest watching the Malone goal here, he stole the puck at the blue line with some fancy stick work, turned and shot ... right in over the goalie's shoulder

I want one of these

29 October 2003

maybe a little verbose ... or maybe even written by some crazy radical ... but it is a halfway decent idea ...


the University of the Bleeding Obvious and a hilarious part of that site here....

oh ... gracie is a cat ... if you don't happen to be nick.

I have found in the production of this blog that more cool things happen in antarctica, than here in Buckhannon, WV.

For example ... McMurdo station has lost contact with the South Pole base because their HF systems are down (whatever that means)...

this is what nick has to say about it ...

I think we are in for a major problems. We are all going to die down here.

That's what Samuel L. Jackson said in that Sphere movie ... at least in anatarctica they don't have weird manifestation powers ...

on a lighter note, the coolest toy ever

Gracie died early this morning (rigor was just setting in when i found her, megan didn't look in on her this morning, so we are just guessing) ... we think it was her respiratory infection or some sort of pnemonia sort of thing, i don't think they do autopsies on cats though.

she will be missed.

28 October 2003

1990 ancestry maps ...

so they do use that census thing for something ... strangely the irish are concentrated around Tennessee ...

first place quote ...

"The percentage of post-copulatory cannibalisms were certainly nothing out of the ordinary"

second place quote ...

"Hebets painted the legs of male spiders either brown or black with nail polish"

full text here ...

play this game !

It is flash ... relatively small download and worth it

from the real down under

Q: Whats the weather like outside?
A: Cold

Here are the possible weather conditions...

Temperature: Cold
Sun: Sunny, Partially Sunny (cloudy), Overcast
Wind: Little, moderate, high
Blowing snow: Yes, no

I've been making snow angels in the snow drifts. My last attempt failed because of the hardness of the snow. I hit and hurt. To hard for angels. It ended up looking more like a giant butt print with squid arms. (the butt cheeks were my upper torso and actual butt, since our clothing makes the butt one object).

CRT's are being replaced by LCD's on station. LCD's use less electricity. I think that the waste electricity is actually called vital heat (as a byproduct), but I may be wrong.


27 October 2003

Oh yeah ... as of Sunday night I am now in EST rather than EDST ...

hmmm ... interesting ... read this!

blogging will be light today because i am sick and it is hard to make my fingers move, let alone stay awake.

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

on friday the Devils beat the penguins 2-1

and then the Islanders beat the Penguins 7-2 on Saturday

but, there were 4 fights in the second period ... the game wasn't televised though due to College Football (pronounced "wussball")

I am not worried yet ... it will just make it one of those "cinderalla stories" when we win the cup.

24 October 2003


link goes to lego computer ... just think of the possibilities

quote-o of the day-o

"If I weren't so paranoid, he'd probably've killed me by now."

... which makes perfect sense.

23 October 2003

Cool, but somewhat unsettling ...

I just noticed that the Blogspot ad up there ^ at the top ^ bases focus on the content i provide in this blog ....

I wonder how many times i have to mention something like Kosher Hotdogs ... or Discout Sporting Equipment ... or even Low Profile Tires ... for the invasive ad up there ^ to show something.

Strangely, I mention Antarctica a whole lot more than Discount Sporting Goods, or Kosher Hotdogs and Low Profile Tires and I don't see any ads at all for Antarctica.

List of random things ...

I am a groomsdude in Justin Yoder's wedding (May1)

Columbus will be the destination next weekend as Megan and I go to some sort of married person seminar

My cold has progressed from my throat to my sinuses and head

watching TV all the time is getting pretty boring, need to find additional friend who is not in Antarctica

Gracie is better, but her one eye is still a bit gimpy

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

The Canes were able to tie the pens last night. While the Penguins scored first ... Ron Francis decided that he didn't like that and scored one for the tie.

once again ... plently good scoring chances for the pens ... but no scores.

quote of a quote of a quote for the morning ...

"She was about an inch away from me kickin' her ass"

is this about ...

(a) an irrational fear of midgets
(b) the proverbial "line in the sand"
(c) this

22 October 2003

Pittsburgh Penguins Preview

Tonight's hockey game, Pens against the Hurricanes ... and Marc-Andre Fleury (top draft pick) against Eric Staal (second draft pick) ....

Oh, I was thinking about this the other day. Nick, myself and friends really do like the Pengiuns ... it isn't some long drawn out joke to supplement the site ... you know ... "ha ha ha ha. the penguins are a hockey team, and they have them in antarctica when it isn't too cold. ha ha ha ha"

bottom line: I liked the penguins before i even knew they put them into trash cans in antarctica.

from the real down under ...

I realized something while thinking about Pirates the other day:

Pirates are very similar to squirrels. For instance, Pirates spend a vast amount of energy in finding, stealing, and looting treasure. Squirrels do the same sort of thing with acorns (Oak nuts) and other objects that fascinate them. Often times, both suffer from lost treasures.

Pirates also spend alot of time looting, plundering, and raping. While squirrels may not exactly rape, we may have to exclude that from discussion. Squirrels do loot, many instances of squirrels in garbage cans comes to mind. As for looting, ever see squirrels in plural form go after a bunch of peanuts or popcorn?

There are a few things pirates and squirrels do not share though: Squirrels climb trees, Pirates sail around in boats. Pirates are know as sea dogs, squirrels know as tree rats. Few people think pirates are cute and fuzzy. Squirrels have awesome inscisors, pirates often suffer from scurvey (Me Scurvies) and have no teeth. As far as I know, pirates do not hibernate in winter, or have expanding cheek pouches.

I know there is more.........

A guy jumped off Niagra Falls and survived.

The artist who is showing his work at the WVWC gallery, Steven Kenny, paints pictures of ladies that are growing moss from themselves or on themselves, I can't tell. Also cages and other nature type things growing out of people are involved ...

In other news, Tuesday the 28th, at 9PM EDST, "Joe Schmo" will find out that he was the end of a very long and invloved joke. I will watch and report the results.

Also ... Jonathan Langevin started working in Elkins yesterday. That is all I have to say about that.

21 October 2003

my throat is sick and i want to take a nap.


two jolly rogers.

20 October 2003

Micah's Shirt Size Update

tshirt - M (medium)

Sweatshirt - L (large)

Hooded Sweatshirt - L (llama)

Long Sleeve Tshirt - L (grande)

tune in later for Megan's Shirt Size Update and Megan's Mom's Shirt Size Update*

*don't ask

This could work nick ...

outside the luxurious Antarctic Transport

inside of the luxurious Antarctic Transport


I have just been informed that the eagle has landed.

Even more importantly ...

"...I got a boomerang flight the other day, it basically consists of leaving on spot and returning some time later, by air. Basically it was like 10 hours in a C-17 covering several thousand (at least 4 maybe 5000 miles). So we flew down, waved at Antarctica, and then returned. I guess the weather started get bad on the way down..."

after his second attempt and 8 million miles later, Nick ended up in Antarctica today, or yesterday, I am not sure when it is there, it could be 1983 for all i know.

Pittsburgh "fricken" Penguins Update

The Pens have awarded the Red Wings with a 4-3 loss

Ramzi Abid came away with 1, Straka scored one, Rico Fata scored 2 and Fleury had his first win with 31 saves ...

17 October 2003

Funny things here

from the horse's mouth, sorta

Nick is wating in New Zealand for a transport to Antarctica and he wrote me this email, I have posted this for his reference, in case he gets snow forgetfulness...

How on earth England decided that it would be good to drive on the wrong side of the road. I think England and NZ are about the only two major countries that do it.

I saw a car delivering mail, it had the steering wheel on the right (meaning correct) side of the car (left side).

Since is the start of spring here, and all the flowers are in bloom I wonder about moving plants around the world. For instance, if I take an oak tree and move it to the other hemisphere, will it get confused and start spazzing out? It will be like.. "Hey I just lost my leaves, I needed those"

Why doesn't the US have it be more acceptable to have beer with every meal of the day?

I havn't looked a globe to check, but my down is probably like 130degrees different than your down. Ouch for thinking about.

If this is New Zealand, where is old zealand???? Kinda like New Jersey and Jersey, New York and york?

I still can't figure out rugby and cricket, where is the hockey?


Pittsburgh Penguins Update

The Habs (pronounced Canadiens) of Montreal beat the Pens 4-1

Caron was in goal ... Straka scored ... we dominated 2 periods and could have won easily but we just can't finish our scoring chances.

16 October 2003

Well it got cold here again, and I am planning to cut out the woodgrain flames for my Jeep this afternoon or tomorrow.

I have decided that I am not going to mow the lawn anymore until spring, even if it doesn't snow all winter. In case anyone in antarctica has forgotten what grass looks like, it is that green stuff that grows where the road and other obstructions are not. Sorta like dirt, but much greener and more hairy.

speaking of winter, here are some fake dead people.

15 October 2003

I would like to add "Elf" starring Will Farrell to the growing list of "Movies that someone who goes to Antacrtica for 5 or 6 months will miss"

Hopefully you have not seen a preview ... but i will say that it looks hilarious, and Mr. Farrrellllll is in an elf costume and can throw snowballs like a devil.

[no, I don't know how to spell "Farrelll"]

Spook Words
(No this is not for halloween, halloween is useless)

Mozilla Firebird 0.7 came out today. The best browser I have used... Tabbed browsing, adblocking, popup blocking, a very small footprint, and more... all built in.

List of random happenings

The Matrix Reloaded came out on DVD yesterday ... I now own it.

There are curtains in the living room now ... a mental picture will have to suffice.

We have two more additions to the bar, Sweet Vermouth and Amaretto. Also we have a drink shaker and some miscellaneous bar tools.

Grapermelon gum, neither graper nor melon.

14 October 2003

Do you know how hard it is to give a pill to a cat?

Imagine a can of soup cranked to just shy of bursting point in a vise, then imagine prying open the can with a screwdriver, and then shoving a pill in the hole you made. At this point you have to keep the pill from getting back out of the can, despite the noodles trying to fly out the hole as well.

no, i didn't put the cat in a vise, but an angry cat tongue is similar to flying noodles.

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

Pens vs. Kings - 0-3 - 18 yr old Fleury gets nearly 50 saves
Pens vs. Flyers - 3-3 - Lemieux, Straka, and Tarnstrom score

Metal Bill of Rights

I guess i should have given this link to you (from now on "you" will refer to Nick, AKA the guy in antarctica, or in some cases everyone).

NO, it is not a "rock and roll" bill of rights, it is an actual bill of rights printed on sheet metal. Just make sure you quote the part about "unreasonable searches and seizures" to the airport security people when it sets off their bells and whistles.

[from EFF.org]

This blog is for my friend who decided to go to Antarctica, again. (it is down not up)

Anyway, I will probably be posting stuff that is pertainant to him and me, and those people who are lucky enough to know him or me, (my wife, his fiance, my uncle harold, F4, etc.) Don't be discouraged though ... if anyone else actually reads this, there will be plenty of cool (cool meaning "neat") interweb links and my comments on society and collard greens (collard meaning crap and greens meaning grass).

I've also decided to add juicy tidbits of his journey and lists of things that he misses or finds interesting. Not only to keep a record of his time there but to inform the public of the plight of the horribly endangered skua bird.

13 October 2003

Post 1 ... the die is cast