29 November 2003

I got a phone call yesterday from this crazy guy who said he was underneath the earth or something ... weird.

25 November 2003

where the hell is UPS

newton penguins

to make a long story short ...

1. Eric went to Florida this week
2. This week the big Shop n' Save job is due
5. I was left with the responsibility of getting it (the S n' S job) and several others done
6. They need done by wednesday
7. I get a raise if I come through

therefore I cannot sit here at the computer all day.

22 November 2003

Pittsburgh "Fricken" Penguins Update

The penguins have vanquished the Sens ... 2-1 in OT


Malone's second game winner in OT

21 November 2003


they lose in overtime.



less than two minutes left, Devils have recieved a penalty and penguins have pulled the goalie ....



4:00 left in regulation ... Fleury just made a really good save. Still no tie.


Right now the pens are losing 1-0 to the Devils ... it is very possible that the pens can win ...

now if only Mr. Martin Brodeur would just let one through we could go to overtime

I found a good reason to not eat genetically-engineered or non-organic meats.

By not eating genetically-engineered or non-organic meats I will save the small-time farmer who will some day give me a hot meal and a bed for the night when my car breaks down in rural Kentucky.

20 November 2003

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

They didn't do it again ...

I don't think Edzo should have pulled Fleury after 3 goals let in ... 2 were clearly not his fault

The Wild wins 6-2

tidbits from the underland

Sasha, the russian dude just stopped by again. He said something like "do you know, K-Howie?" I said "yes" then he just stared at me, it was an uncomfortable stare, lasting nearly a whole minute. Then he says, "Do you know K-howie is?" I said "Is what?" Another minute passes. Howie walks up, problem solved.

I have an interesting quote from a manual I will have to grap for tomorrow. It is pretty amusing. It must not have translated from Italy speak very well. It honestly made no sence. I read it, then read it again to make sure, followed by laughter. The sad thing is that it was step one of like seventeen. When step one is messed up, you know the rest are going to be messed up as well. Here it is:

"Place the autosampler an airtightly closed container into a container containing a second container" Then mouth "what the hell?" That is pretty much how it happened. For the life of me I don't know what the purpose of the second container is, or how putting the autosampler into an airtight(ly) container is supposed to help it work.

I decided that ignoring it and go on would be the best option.

I will have DSL on December 4


19 November 2003

dead vodka man

Well, I don't know what snowshoe looks like. As far as i know it is just a big foggy place with the occasional building that you find by accident. But i found out that Japanese people own the Silver Creek area of fog.

18 November 2003

I will soon depart for the wondrous land of Snowshoe ... which for all I can imagine is completely covered in the signs we make ... I just hope the streets are wide enough to drive on. At least we will know where we are going.

I was watching this comedian last night on the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" on COMCENT it had Jeff foxworthy and the here's your sign guy, the following joke was from this Billy the cable guy ... or something to that effect.

... She was feelin bad cause her horse busted its leg, so i had to shoot it ... So now it has a busted leg and a gunshot wound. I don't know why they tell you to shoot horses ... but I tell you, If it don't get any better, I'm a-gonna shoot it again ...

17 November 2003


The funny thing is ... I still don't have a problem eating pork.

Take That PETA and the ASPCA and GRACE

Pastor Ed Update

I have been neglecting this news for some time ... I don't remember if they had the screen/LCD projector at church before you left ... but anyway Pastor Ed now has Multimedia sermons, complete with cheesy Jesus pictures.

His points are easily outlined on the big screen, and delightfully misspelled. It is enough of a horrid design to make me very uncomfortable.

I am sure you are imagining Ed pointing at a big cheesy Jesus picture, aren't you ... I know you are ...

(Jesus isn't cheesy)

Yes, I agree, Flaming Goalies are really funny.

Pittsburgh "fricken" Penguins Update

The penguins were triumphant over the Buffalo Sabres, 2-1 in OT
Berehowsky and Morosov score for the good guys

Despite a comeback after a 2 goal deficit the Penguins were unable to score a third to force the Panthers into OT, they lose 2-3
Kraft and Berehowsky score for that little sick kid in the hospital, too bad he had to die cause they didn't win

14 November 2003

Sam and I are making a vinyl ball at work.

It is close to 14" in diameter and weighs about 15-20 pounds ...

I was thinking about sending it to you in antarctica ... but I think that would be a very expensive prank, considering that we add 1-3 pounds of vinyl a day. I bet it would make metal detectors go nuts too because of the large concentration of reflective vinyl throughout.

13 November 2003

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

We have lost again ... and Fata is hurt (possibly not bad)

the bottom line: 6-2, Rangers

it was tied for a while ...

11 November 2003

perry is a sniper, stitch is a tank

imagine stitch (polydactyl marvel kitten) sitting in the middle of our living room. Then imagine a much smaller kitten, with no tail moving at a speed that rivals a zigzagging bunny. All of a sudden this blur of fur tackles the unsuspecting stitch and latches onto his neck. With an equal amount of force, stitch uses his oversize front paws to smack perry on the side of her head, disengaging the neck hold. This repeats itself until they decide to sleep or eat or go to the restroom.

10 November 2003

I saw "elf" on saturday ... It was pretty well hilarious.

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

We have hit a new low.

9-0, Lightning.

08 November 2003

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

They lost, they were doing good and then they lost ...

I think it was because i missed the 3rd period.

Panthers win 6-3, lemieux is still resting his hip

I saw matrix revolutions last night.

just about all I can say is "oh my goodness"

some finer points ... no spoilers ...

-on at least 2 occasions i had to catch my breath because of the intensity

-funny quote "So what's it gonna be Merv"

-there is a battle that may or may not be at the the end of the film that is very awesome to say the least, it is even somewhat "dragonballz-ezque"

07 November 2003

Google Deskbar

tre' excellente' and such

06 November 2003

In addition to the items I recommend leaving in your checked luggage, I also recommend reacting violently to hijackers. Attack before the second sentence leaves the terrorist's mouth. Do not wait. Do not wait for people to be herded into a corner. Attack. Climb on top of the seats. Do not allow yourself to be penned in. Women and men should attack. Kids should attack.

Your acts may get you killed, in fact the entire aircraft may plummet to the earth, killing everyone on board. This is better than allowing the plane to slip into a madman's hands.

also from the site from which the previous two links are going to


also pretty funny


funny, no cross that ... this made me laugh out loud ... like this

HA HA HA ... HAHAHA ha ha

We got the kittens last night ... and they are nuts.

the one can bite so hard with his little teeth and with such speed that he makes a wasp look like a nerf animal...

We decided to change their names ... don't worry they are still named after you, we are calling them Stitch (for the boy, cause his polydactyl feet look like Stitch's hands from Lilo and stitch) and we are calling the the girl with no tail Perry, after Megan's mom (and you of course).

Yes i guess we could call the girl Lilo, but that is a bit corny.

They are very high energy ... the must eat alot of those miniature energy bars and tiny cans of redbull. (i don't know where they hide it though)

pictures soon ... and zoo pictures too ... I am just pretty lazy about pictures.

05 November 2003

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

The penguins fell to the leafs 4-2 ...

Lemieux was out of the game cause of the hip thing and things didn't go as well as they could have ... of course the 6 or so fights didn't help ...

one of the fights involved about 8 people ... and then McKenna and this other guy got ejected from the game because the decided to go at it after the other fights started ...

edzo was not a happy camper.

04 November 2003

Pittsburgh Penguin's primary goaltender of late, Marc Andre Fleury, has been voted NHL rookie of the month

hi ... today is boring

03 November 2003

Megan and I went to Columbus for some sort of couples conference with church.

The conference was at the Nationwide Arena, which is where the Columbus Blue Jackets play their hockey. It is a very nice arena ... if the new pens arena is anything like it ... people will probably just hang out there even if there isn't a hockey game.

We stayed an extra night and went to the Columbus zoo ... there were manatees there ... and a bunch of fishes and such. I thought that you would have liked the gigantic machinery and pipes and tubes they used to process the big saltwater aquarium water.

I'll post some pics tomorrow ... Oh and we stopped at petsmart on the way back and we are in the process of adopting 2 kittens ... yes 2. But we couldn't pass them up cause one is a polydactyl (it has an extra finger on each of it's paws) and it has a 1/2 length tail and the other is a manx. They are brother and sister ... We are going to name them Toby and Sara after you , nick.

Pittsburgh "fricken" Penguins Update

The Pens came back from being down 2-0 to beat the bruins 3-2 in overtime ...

Fata scores 2 and Malone scores the OT game winner