28 September 2006

ZOMBIE rights march

It seems to have been protested by pirates

27 September 2006

More TSA Hacks ...

using guns to protect high-end devices, in a way ... sorta

21 September 2006

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

Pens WIN 5-4 against the Flyers in New Brunswick.

Malkin and Recchi were injured ... but before the injury Malkin was making the flyers look like 5th graders.
Gonchar scored twice, Crosby put a goal in off of the back of the goalies leg, Malone and Armstrong also scored.

I wish i could have watched the whole game it sounds like a great one ...

20 September 2006

Excellent New Product

when can i have some?

Would i need a tiny gas can?

i am tingling with anticipation


i don't know what a BART is, but this could be useful

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

Pens Lose 5-2 against Ottawa in a preseason matchup in Nova Scotia

I only recognized about 4 names on the penguins team, i think they mostly just played the new blood.

I really miss Mike Lange ... Steigerwald and Errey sound almost exactly the same, so its like there is a single droning voice the entire game...

I won't be able to see the game, but Evgeni Malikin is sceduled to play tonite against the Flyers in New Brunswick.

13 September 2006

White Jigsaw



11 September 2006

AntiRIAA blog

Possibly Useful?


9/11 Report

Comic Book Style

Take That Airlines!

Fly with no ID

For My Megan

Knitwear Princess Leia Hat

01 September 2006

Antarctic Weather for the Day

Miranda IM

This is nice multiple IM client ... great interface and a whole bunch of firefox-like extensions and add-ons ...