27 October 2006

bypass WGA

may be useful

25 October 2006

New Periorderic Table of the Elephants

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

The Pens are 10th in League, 3rd in Conference and FIRST IN DIVISION !!!

19 October 2006

2 things i like, Lego and Stargate


16 October 2006

i actually like these

halloween shirts

Funny post from a Funny new blog i found that is Funny

Saguaro Cactus Eggs

10 October 2006

Iggy Pop's (who?) Concert Rider

Rot Cheer

09 October 2006

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

Pens lose 2-0 to the aisles rouge (i know they aren't french, but who cares)

Not a horrible loss, but one none-the-less. The redwings came off a disappointing home opener loss, so they were probably wanting to win no matter what, and Hasek tends to beat the penguins more than he loses to them...

06 October 2006

Pittsburgh Penguins Update

Marc-Andrew Fleury and the Penguins shut out the Flyers, 4-0

Fleury was playing like his first amazing NHL appearance ... we were checking like it was christmas at wal*mart ... all four offensive lines produced ... we killed 12 penalties ... Colby Armstrong knocked the piss out of Forsberg and then beat on Baumgartner for awhile ... it was great.

02 October 2006