30 January 2004

interesting LOTR things

27 January 2004


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26 January 2004

Smart Bird

23 January 2004

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is an excellent game ... and it is FREE

if you choose to be a special ops person, not only can you get a sniper rifle ... you can kill a nazi and take his clothes, and thus open doors that normally only a nazi could open.

I've actually been playing this online ... i doubt the 300Mb download would thrill you antarcticans though.

17 January 2004


Grue is now ... you will be missed.


14 January 2004

in aquarium news...

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cyberspace = computer world

meatspace = real world

who would have thought that a new DIMM would cause catastrophic system failure??

i wish i would have put the bad one in my boss's computer instead of mine >:|

oh well, i guess you can only complain if you lose data ... its a good thing that i didn't

13 January 2004

Unfortunately the Packers will not have a Super Bowl (I am pretty sure that is football) spot this year ...

That will not, however, stop anyone from cheering them on in the big game.

12 January 2004

...Until that happens, I urge you guys in northern states to grab your leaf blowers, organize into units and patrol the Canadian border, intercepting incoming leaves and blasting them back where they belong. You should wear camouflage. Also, of course, dust masks. No point in taking chances.

excerpt from this weeks dave barry column

11 January 2004

Former Bush cabinet member, somebody O'Neill, has written a book that says Bush was planning to overthrow Saddam from the beginning, even before 9/11.

... Big suprise, there have been plans since the first Iraq war to overthrow Saddam Hussein ... Moron.

All we have found in Iraq are some 10 year old shells containing somekind of blistering agent ... and we probably won't find anymore.

... who cares ... Even if the threat Saddam posed to the US was negligible, the threat that Saddam posed to his own people was enough for America to intervene. Regime change was key from the beginning, not recovery of WMDs.

Do you let a murderer go free because he hides or destroys the murder weapon before he gets caught?

It was 0 F (~ -18C ?) here last nite

my nose contents froze.

09 January 2004

from a The Onion horoscope ...

It's okay: You're just big-boned, which, along with your anorexia, makes you look like an inflatable skelton.

08 January 2004

SOUTH AFRICA (Afrikaans)

Ek seen n skilpad on die pad
Ek tel hom op, hy maak my nut
Ek sit hom duur, hy doon dit weer
Die Dona!

English Translation:

I see a turtle on the path
I pick him up, he pees on me
I put him down, he does it again
damn it!



Ia sedgu na vishenke
Ne mogu nakushatsia
Diddia Lenin govorit
Nado mamu stushatsia

English Translation

I am sitting on a cherry tree
And can't eat enough cherries
Uncle Lenin says
I have to listen to my mother.



yimone jibe gattaga
amtak sutak jabasuh
gilume doong doong dounungut
na han sougal anuji
orrijibe wabara
soo soo padtuk anjuji

English Translation

When I went to my aunt's house
they slaughtered a rooster and a hen
and cooked them in an oily broth
but they didn't give me even one spoonful
Well, when you come to my home
I wont give you any rice cake!

from here

Josh "Sky King" Keane quote of the day

"Though I fly through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil ... For I am 80,000 feet and climbing!!"
-- Sign on the hangar of the SR71s

07 January 2004


4-2 over the Devils ... great game

the pens are currently ahead 2-0 against the devils ... it is only the first period !

05 January 2004

another one of those "credible" websites, but interesting none-the-less

very in depth index of the Starwarsilogy

awesome ... but someone obviously has too much time on their hands

fun metals ... and other non-related things.

some bang on stats from the antarctican bloke...

Looking at the Pen's shedule today, I realized:

Longest Winning streak, two games. Covering the 13th through 18th of
December, when they lost in overtime.

Longest Losing Streak, Four games. Covering the 4th thorough 14th of
November. Their loosing streak was shut down by the Sabre's when they

Winning Losing
2 games 4 games
5 days 10 days

Loosing streak to winning streak ratio 2:1. Games lost to games won

The only area they seem to do well is Monday games, where they have
won two of the three played. Therefore, the pens are most dangerous
on Mondays. They have a 2:1 win to loss record for the first day of
the week.

Record per day of week:
Win Loss Tie OTL
Mon 2 1 0 0
Tue 1 1 0 1
Wed 0 4 3 0
Thur 1 2 0 1
Fri 1 5 1 1
Sat 4 7 1 0
Sun 1 0 0 0

Do not go to see a Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, or Sunday game. Monday and
Tuesdays are the best.

03 January 2004

I am pretty disgusted with the Pittsburgh Penguins ... so I will only be updating the sidebar score stats until they get their a$$es in gear. >>>